Vincent Shoelace

Alvymax Shoelaces


Similar to laces found on 70's running shoes, the sort that might be spotted on Woody Allen characters (and taking its name from Alvy, the main character in Annie Hall) the Alvymax Shoelaces are slender, elastic and a good match with old school Nike's.

Made in Japan

About Vincent Shoelace

Vincent Shoelace was founded by a couple from Kyoto and born out of their love for shoes. They believed that the unassuming shoelace, often overlooked, had the power to transform the appearance of footwear. Just as a new hairstyle can give a refreshing makeover, a fresh pair of laces can do the same for your shoes. Often taking inspiration from vintage trainers and with meticulous attention to material selection, braiding and colour, Vincent Shoelace produce a range of laces, all made in Japan.

Product Details

Materials: 100% Cotton
Measurements: 1330 mm | 52 inches