Vincent Shoelace

Pee-Wee Shoelaces

Color Grey Stripe
The Pee-Wee Shoelaces, named after the US comedian Mr Herman (a favourite of the designers) are based on acrylic laces from an 80's pair of Pro-Keds but updated and in cotton. The candy-like colour scheme provides an accent for simple shoes.

Made in Japan

About Vincent Shoelace

Vincent Shoelace was founded by a couple from Kyoto and born out of their love for shoes. They believed that the unassuming shoelace, often overlooked, had the power to transform the appearance of footwear. Just as a new hairstyle can give a refreshing makeover, a fresh pair of laces can do the same for your shoes. Often taking inspiration from vintage trainers and with meticulous attention to material selection, braiding and colour, Vincent Shoelace produce a range of laces, all made in Japan.

Product Details

Materials: 100% Cotton
Measurements: 1330 mm | 52 inches