Velo Orange

Constructeur Front Rack


The Constructeur Front Rack is a medium sized front rack that attaches to your fork's dropout eyelets. Its simple design is perfect for a handlebar bag, tied-down dry bag, or basket.

Made from polished tubular stainless steel, the rack will never rust or flake, and can be re-polished to a mirror shine even after years of use. As with our other racks, there are light mounts on the side of the platform.

There are three holes in the lower tang so that it can be cut to give your bike a real Constructeur-style. Find installation instructions here.

About Velo Orange

Velo Orange is a respected American company known for crafting classic-style bicycle components and accessories. Their products blend timeless design with modern functionality, offering cyclists a range of components like handlebars, fenders, and racks, as well as a touch of vintage elegance for their rides.

Product Details

Materials: Stainless Steel

200 l x 100 w mm (platform)
95 h mm (tombstone)
370 h mm (lowest hole on tang to platform base)

Weight: 498g
Maximum Load: 6.8kg