Blue Lug

Half Basket #137

Color Black

The classic 137 basket but in a half-height version specially made by WALD in collaboration with Blue Lug Tokyo.

A neat alternative to the sometimes cumbersome baskets usually available and bolts easily onto a front or rear rack*.
Pair with the new versatile X strap for riding fully laden.

*Rack and fixings sold separately

Established in Wisconsin, USA, in 1902, WALD are a landmark brand offering a wide range of racks and baskets.

About Blue Lug

A Tokyo-based bicycle shop and brand founded in 2006, known for its custom-built bikes with unique designs. They offer eye-catching components and accessories, gaining international acclaim among style-conscious cyclists.

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Product Details

Materials: Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 370 l x 240 w x 60 d mm
Weight: 495g