Shizu Hamono

Yuri Knife


The Yuri range from Shinzu Hamono is produced with three layers of steel and is known for its very thin blade. The layered construction provides rigidity, while the use of stainless steel offers resistance to corrosion. The wood handle is comfortable and overall the knives are well balanced with a simple, clean design. Each knife comes with its own wooden case.

The Nakiri knife is a Japanese vegetable knife designed for chopping and slicing vegetables with its straight, double-edged blade and squared-off tip.

The Santoku knife is a more general all round blade for slicing, dicing, and chopping a variety of ingredients, including vegetables, fruits, and boneless meats. 

The Petit knife is suited to more delicate tasks in the kitchen and is essentially a smaller version of a chef's knife.

Please note each knife is unique and may differ slightly to the images shown.

Materials: 3-layer stainless steel (blade) / wood (handle)

Nakiri: 295 mm (full length) / 175 mm (blade length)

Petit: 250 mm (full length) / 140 mm (blade length)
Santoku: 310 mm (full length) / 190 mm (blade length)

Weight: 110g (nakiri) / 65g (petit) / 90g (santoku)

Made in Japan

About the Brand

Shizu Hamono

Shizu Hamono, founded in 1960, continues the rich tradition of cutlery craftsmanship in Seki, Gifu prefecture. The company draws upon the centuries-old knowledge and techniques passed down through generations to create its knives, making them sought after by chefs and knife enthusiasts worldwide.

Care Instructions

Always handle with caution. Hand wash only with a mild detergent and dry well after use.