Light Load

The classic bicycle basket is the default option for most riders. With nothing to strap or attach you can simply drop your stuff in and take off. Putting the basket up front also means you can keep an eye on your belongings whilst riding. Just keep in mind the weight – heavier loads up front will affect the handling so for heavier loads we would recommend a pannier rack.

Some people prefer not to add ‘clutter’ or weight to their bike and if you dont have too much to move around a backpack is a great option. Its worth keeping in mind that it can get uncomfortable in the warmer months with the weight on your back.

A rear rack is a versatile option and having the weight behind you will make handling easier. Either bungee your gear directly onto the rack, fix a basket on top or a pannier bag on the side.

We love the combination below. A slick, stainless steel ‘cloud carrier’ paired with a super light and strong Fairweather Pannier that doubles as a backpack giving you all the options.