Ride in Kyoto

There are always things to see if you slow down a little and take in your surroundings but the arrival of the Cherry Blossom in spring is something spectacular. Some of the tokyobike team went in search of treats and trees in Kyoto, a photogenic city at any time, but almost other worldly at this time of year.

汽 [ki:]

A Lebanese cuisine restaurant located in the Gojo area.Their signature Falafel Mix Plate allows both meat lovers and vegetarians to dine together, as you can choose from chicken, beef, or vegetables.Enjoy pita bread mixed with grilled vegetables and meat, stuffed with falafel and grilled vegetables.


An Izakaya that operates as a coffee shop before it opens for lunch. Using beans roasted in-house by the owner Gen-chan, their gentle pour-over coffee is exquisite. They also offer a variety of baked goods such as brownies and banana bread.In a quaint old folk house where Gen-chan, a music enthusiast, plays wonderful background music, why not take a moment to relax with a cup of coffee?