What a difference a day makes. Those first rays of spring sunshine lift the mood and have our attention turning to our plant life. As well as some everyday essentials we also carry a range of garden tools by Tajika, who for four generations have been manufacturing handcrafted scissors and shears at their workshop in Ono, Japan.

Each piece is forged, tempered, shaped and sharpened by a father and son team, using traditional ironwork skills reminiscent of past Japanese courts. Each pair is created to serve a particular purpose in most functional manner and has been perfected through a dedication to the craft.

"Our intention is to never be satisfied and continue making better and better products" Daisuke Tajika.

Branch Scissors are ideal to trim away unwanted segments of thicker diameter branches and roots, Made from antique moulds, these scissors have a vintage design with a forged steel finish, but cut like modern scissors with its thick blades and a beveled edges. The comfortable grip can accommodate either left or right hands.

Garden Scissors are perfect for pruning. Hand forged with a thick blade for cutting tougher foliage. The blade tips slightly overlap when closed for extra cutting power. The shape of the grip and coiled spring in the centre provide for easy handling and strong cutting power.  A leather sheath for storage along with some maintenance oil is included to ensure the scissors get  passed down to future generations.

Herb Scissors are super sharp with a beautiful texture and finish, designed to keep your herb garden in perfect order.

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Tajika workshop photographed by Kohei Yamamoto.