Hakusan Porcelain

G-Type Soy Sauce Bottle


The G-Type Soy Sauce Bottle comes cleverly designed with a gently curved sprout, helping to prevent drips and spills. Large enough for an easy refill, the curved upper part of the bottle makes for an easy grip, while the lid features a hole that can be covered to control the flow of the sauce.

Designed in 1958 by Masahiro Mori for Hakusan Porcelain, the G-Type Soy Sauce Bottle is a multi-award-winning product, receiving the Good Design Award in 1961, and the Good Design Long Life Design Award in 2018.

Made in Japan

About Hakusan Porcelain

Hakusan Porcelain is located in Hasami-cho, Nagasaki Prefecture, an area known for its pottery and ceramics. At Hakusan, ease of use and adaptability to contemporary lifestyles are the starting points when making pottery. Hakusan takes the 400-year long history of Hasami pottery into the modern age by producing ceramics with contemporary and functional designs.

Product Details

Materials: Porcelain

Small: 56 dia. x 72 h mm | 80 ml
Large: 68 dia. x 90 h mm | 150 ml

Care Instructions

Dishwasher safe