Ultimate security lock for bike components*.

tokyobike gear bike sizes:
4mm for seat clamp.
5mm with Hexlox Security Skewers (sold separately) per wheel
6mm for seat post clamp.

tokyobike single speed models (Mono)
5mm for seat-pin (clamp)
6mm for seat-post clamp
6mm with wheel nut (sold separately) per wheel

Important: You need Hexlox Key to install Hexlox.

For more information about Hexlox, please visit their website here.

*Hexlox only works with steel bolts.

Materials: high grade stainless steel

Made in Germany

About the Brand


Hexlox is a Swedish company known for its innovative and effective anti-theft solutions for bicycles. Their signature product is a small, hexagonal lock that fits into bolt heads on various bike components, protecting them from theft. Hexlox provides a simple yet robust way to secure valuable bike parts, offering peace of mind for cyclists concerned about bike security.