Hex Security Skewer

Color Black

The axle Security Skewer from Hexlox. Sold in singles and can only be used with corresponding Hexlox Key and 5 mm Hexlox.

*You need 5 mm Hexlox and Hexlox Key to be secured.

Made in Germany

About Hexlox

Hexlox is a Swedish company known for its innovative and effective anti-theft solutions for bicycles. Their signature product is a small, hexagonal lock that fits into bolt heads on various bike components, protecting them from theft. Hexlox provides a simple yet robust way to secure valuable bike parts, offering peace of mind for cyclists concerned about bike security.

Product Details

Dimensions: tokyobike (skewer hubs only)
100 mm for all front wheels
130 mm for rear wheel (CS650c, Sport and Mini Velo models)
135 mm for rear wheel (CS26 and Bisou models)

Dimensions: For other bikes *please contact Hexlox directly for more details about sizes
100 mm for standard front wheels
130 mm for rear wheel on standard modern road bikes
135 mm for rear wheel on standard Cycle Cross and MTB bikes

Materials: Cold Rolled CrMo