Noda Horo

Square Container


Made from enamel with a rubber-like lid for softness and flexibility, Noda Horo Square Containers are a simple and beautiful edition to the kitchen. Hard-wearing and easy to clean, the containers are resistant to stains and smells from food. They can be stored in the fridge or freezer and with the lid removed, they can be exposed to heat.

Materials: enamel / EVA resin
Small: 106 w x 100 d x 54 h mm
Medium: 124 w x 124 d x 84 h mm
Large: 124 w x 124 d x 118 h mm
Capacity: 0.32 l (s) / 0.8 l (m) / 1.2 l (l)
Weight: 130g (s) / 290g (m) / 350g (l)

Made in Japan

About the Brand

Noda Horo

Founded over 80 years ago, Noda Horo has long been associated with enamelware and continues to produce timeless, functional products in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. Unlike some manufacturers, they look after the entire process from the making of the substrate metal to the enamel porcelain finish. In 2013 they won the Good Design award for Long Life design.

Care Instructions

Hand wash only with a non-abrasive sponge and dry thoroughly after use. Sharp impact may cause chipping of enamel layer, if chipped, coat area with enamel paint or oil to prevent rust.