Weather Bingo Kasuri

Indigo Persimmon Dyed Stole

Color Evening Waves - Blue

Slowly woven on a shuttle loom, the cotton fabric used to make this stole is fluffy and airy, with a smooth, comfortable feel that is cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Kasuri is a traditional fabric that has been dyed and woven in the eastern part of Hiroshima Prefecture since the late Edo period. The cotton weave is partially dyed with natural organic compounds such as indigo and persimmon tannin to create a beautiful pattern unique to Kasuri. The process of dyeing and drying is repeated many times so the fabric takes on a beautiful and deep indigo colour.

Made in Japan

About Weather Bingo Kasuri

Bingo Kasuri, known for its intricate process involving pre-dyeing, resist-dyeing, and unique faded patterns, is a traditional fabric with a beautiful deep blue hue. While it once dominated 70% of the domestic market, demand has declined due to changing lifestyles. Today, only two workshops preserve this technique, creating high-quality, unique fabric. We aim to blend tradition with modern living to share the beauty of Bingo Kasuri.

Product Details

Materials: Cotton
Measurements: 1950 l x 700 w mm

Care Instructions

Machine washable at 30 degrees but hand washing is recommended for first washes to keep colour fast. Avoid fabric softener as it can damage the water repellant qualities.