Established in 2015 and based in Tokushima, the original birthplace of Japanese indigo, BUAISOU are a unique collective which not only cultivates and harvests indigo leaves but also dyes and makes the products, merging the three distinctive crafts.

The calendar: month by month, the process involves plowing and fertilising the soil, planting seeds, transplanting to the ground, weeding, watering, harvesting, and drying the leaves in preparation for the indigo dyeing.

Plain Dyeing is a simple method that does not involve applying patterns and can create various results based on different factors. BUAISOU uses this method for many of their products.

Loopwheeled machines are circular knitting machines that slowly knit “tubes” of fabric with no inbuilt strain or tension. Unlike a modern high-speed knitting machine, it knits without applying tension to the thread or putting any extra burden on the fabric, so the finished fabric is high quality and made to last.