Indigo Dyed Sashiko Thread (Thin)

Color Goku-usuai (Extra Light Indigo)

This high strength, cotton thread is woven by the heritage Japanese brand Daurma-Ito and hand dyed by BUAISOU. It is suitable for various needlework such as Sashiko detailing, embroidery and adding a beautiful blue edge to stitched clothing.

*Also available in a thicker 6-strand thread.

Made in Japan

About Buaisou

Established in 2015 and based in Tokushima, the original birthplace of Japanese indigo, BUAISOU are a unique collective which not only cultivates and harvests indigo leaves but also dyes and makes the products, merging the three distinctive crafts.

Product Details

4-strand thread (thin)

Materials: 100% Cotton
Dimensions: 40m

Care Instructions

As this product is dyed using indigo, we recommend that you hand wash items separately in lukewarm water the first 2-3 times after sewing to avoid colour bleed. The blue will evolve with wear and washing.