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Sashiko is a form of decorative reinforcement stitching (or functional embroidery) from Japan that started out of practical need in the early 16th century. Historically this technique was used to reinforce points of wear or tear with patches using white cotton thread on traditional indigo dyed clothes. 

Some pieces of clothing are hard to part with - be it a pair of jeans that have developed the perfect patina or a favourite jumper that has comforted you through uneasy times. If they were well made and cared for, then instead of throwing them out on the first appearance of holes, consider repairing them.

Sashiko work by @karinatjones at @make_nu


We are carrying new yarn from Daruma-Ito. 

Sasawashi made from Japanese paper infused with Kumazasa bamboo is a completely natural paper yarn crafted from the bamboo plant, Naturally strong, water repellent, anti-bacterial and UV resistant, its smooth to touch,has a cord-like appearance and is easy to work with, whether for crochet, weaving or craft.

Tube and Placord are unique, synthetic yarns for fun creations. It can get wet and doesnt stretch so ideal  for knitting bags, pouches and similar accessories.


Darning is a stitching technique that can be applied to repair holes or to enforce worn areas in woven or knitted items, using a needle and thread alone. Both darning and Sashiko share the concept of visible mending and you can use the same type of needles and threads for both stitching techniques. 

Darning work by @karinatjones

The darning mushroom by Hikaru Noguchi provides a stable surface and makes it easy to see the progress of your darning work. Hikaru innovated the first standing style darning mushroom which fits naturally in your hand and is just the right weight for hand stitching. The darning stick is great for items with small areas to work on like gloves. Both are made of solid beech, hand-turned in Japan.


Kintsugi is a beautiful and unique way to repair broken items. Instead of trying to hide the cracks, this technique highlights them with gold, making the repaired item even more precious and one-of-a-kind.

This starter kit contains all natural, food-safe materials and is all you need to repair and restore cherished ceramics. By taking time to carefully mend your broken pieces, you'll be able to continue to enjoy them for years to come.